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Spajic production line

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Our steel fiber production machines, cut wire abrasive machines, dust suction systems as well as machines for pneumatic transport of steel fibers, that are distinguished by high productivity and low production costs, have positioned Spajic company as one of the leaders in this industry in the world market.

Steel fiber production line

Over a decade of experience in production and distribution of steel fibers has made possible the construction of machines and tools that can produce any type of steel fibers.

The thing that puts Spajic machines in from of others is the most lucrative production process, small expenses, large production capacity that can be up to 4000kg of steel fibers per hour.


Also, Spajic offers complete lines for steel fiber production that consists of:

Depending on your needs and type of steel fibers that you wish to produce, we offer the following:

  • Steel fibers machine M1 ZSN model ZSN 30mm; ZSN 50mm; ZSN 52mm; ZSN 60mm
  • Steel fibers M1 ZSW model ZSW
  • Steel fibers M1 SA model SA
  • Additional equipment

Additional Equipment:

  • Platform for unwinding of the wire*
  • System for manual packaging of fibers in bags
  • Dust suction system
  • *The number of spools depends of the type of the machine and their type of fibers that are produce

 High productivity and speed

Depending on the type of fibers produced, speed up to 8,5 m /s can be achieved.

  Low costs of spare parts

In case some of the parts need to be replaced, our company can provide them at any time.

  Aftersales services

Training, service, sale of equipment and spare parts

  Less time needed for manipulative work in production process

  Low energy consumption

With the maximum of 11 KW (3 – 5 Kwh per ton)

  One worker per machine

Only one worker control the system

  Little space for installation and operation

12 m x 8 m for the installation

  Service and guaranty

Support for the period for over 20 years.

Cut wire abrasives production line

According to your needs for cut wire abrasives, besides them, Spajic company can offer complete production lines for their manufacturing. With very good compatibility between the productivity of our machines and production costs, and also high quality and production, our production lines for abrasives are able to provide safe, fast and quality production of cut wire abrasives. Different wires can be used for production.

Besides that, on our machine you can cut steel and stainless steel wire, as well as other different types, based on the material and the purpose of the abrasives needed. Our machines can use different types of raw material packaging: small, big, plastic or metal spools, Z2 or Z3 coils, wire rolls, etc…

Depending on your needs and type of abrasives that you wish to produce, we offer the following:

  • Cut wire abrasive machine M1 model ZS1
  • Cut wire abrasive machine M1 model ZS2
  • Additional equipment

 Low energy consumption (15KW)

  parts costs do not exceed 10 €/t

 One worker on 5 - 7 machines

 No need to lubricate the machine and degrease wire


Additionally, besides machines for steel fiber production, Spajic company manufactures steel fiber loading and disentangling machines.

Those machines are used when implementing steel fibers – during the mixing of the fibers in concrete.

Steel fiber loading and disentangling machine is used to untangle steel fibers and to prevent the forming of clots of fibers. Disentangled fibers are than loaded through a pipe system into concrete mixers, either truck or static mixers in concrete plants.

By disentangling the fibers, the possibility of lumps to get mixed in the concrete is prevented, for lumps in concrete can cause weak spots. With adequate distribution of steel fibers using our machine, you will secure the strength and safety of your concrete surface.

One more purpose of this machine is to secure the proper mix of fibers in concrete before the concrete is poured.

Spajic company, for projects that need some large quantities of steel fibers can rent the fiber loading and disentangling machine for the duration of the project, free of charge, provided that steel fibers are bought from our company

Steel fiber dispenser

Steel fiber dispenser

Steel fiber dispenser

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