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Zoran Spajic | CEO

Spajic® company was established on 25. 11. 2002. by Mr. Zoran Spajić as the result of ideas and over thirty years of international experience in the production of steel fibers, cut wire abrasives and heavy duty equipment for steel fiber/abrasive fabrication from members of his family. In the same year began the development and the production of the machines for steel fibers by applying new concepts aiming to increase the productivity, reduce the cost of making steel fibers, increase the quality of products, and protect men and environment.

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If you are looking for high quality products at the best price and shortest delivery time, Spajić® company is the right place. Share with us your objectives, your vision, time table and budget and we will assess the feasibility of your project and come back to you with the most efficient proposal and construction solutions available.


Spajic® company core business is production of steel fibers, steel cut wire abrasives and heavy duty machines for steel fiber/abrasives manufacturing. In one word we are a company with a vision that we want to share with you, and we prove ourselves trough great expediency in the production process, deliveries and correct relationship with our Clients.


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Spajic® company produces high perfomanced steel fibers for concrete reinforcement with over a decade of experience in production and worldwide distribution. With a range of types and dimensions of steel fibers that we have, alongside our well known quality and competitive prices, we can offer the most adequate solution for your building.

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We also produce cut wire shots by cutting bright, cold drawn, patented wire. For special applications, stainless steel wire or some other material can be used. Spajic® company produces cylindrical and conditioned cut wire abrasives in different size and hardness.

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We can say with pride that Spajic® company might be the only one to, in addition to its products, produces and sells machines for their manufacturing.

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With years of experience, we can proudly tell you this

  •   We take pride and effort in the solutions we deliver. We aren’t satisfied until our products meet our own personal high standards.
  •  We make sure our products reach the quality as one of the best out there. We will let our product speak for itself!
  •   We always value feedback of our esteemed customers and are always open to suggestions/ideas of how to improve our business even more.
  •   We are a highly motivated team with available support to our clients anytime and we will respond promptly when you need us.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete

SFRC is generally used to inhibit cracking, improve resistance to impact, to resist dynamic loading and material disintegration. SFRC can be used without any other additional reinforcement in almost all application where flexural stresses are not overwhelming like beams for instance. Our steel fibers, especially our new ZS/5 and glued steel fibers with high perfomance which they provide are used in tunnel enginering,hydro structures,airport and highway paving and other construction fields wich have needs for strong and high perfomanced structures .

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Shot peening/blasting

As one of the leading cut wire abrasive manufacturer, Spajic® company in its offer has a wide range of diameters, hardness and materials of abrasives, that have found their use in surface treatment processes (shot peening, shot blasting, cleaning…) in different industries.

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Corrosion treatment

With our cut wire abrasives we offer best solution for corrosion treatment.

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