About Company

Welcome to the website of Spajić d.o.o. Company.

We are a unique and fast-growing company in Serbia.

Our core business is production of steel fibers, steel shots and heavy duty machines for steel fiber/shots fabrication. In one word we are a company with a vision that we want to share with you, and we prove ourselves trough great expediency in the production process, deliveries and correct relationship with our Clients.

If you are looking for high quality products at the best price and shortest delivery time, Spajić DOO is the right place. Share with us your objectives, your vision, time table and budget and we will asses the feasibility of your project and come back to you with the most efficient proposal and construction solutions available.

Spajić d.o.o. Company was established in 25. 11.2002. by Mr. Zoran Spajić as the result of  ideas and with over thirty years of international experience from members of his family in the production of steel fibers, steel shots and heavy duty equipment for steel fiber/shots fabrication.

The same year began the development and the production of the machines for steel fibers production by applying new concepts with a view to increasing the productivity, reducing the cost of making steel fibers, protecting men and environment and increasing the quality of products.

Soon the first machine for the production of steel fibers was fabricated and in the same year began the production of steel fibers. In the meantime, skilled and qualified staff was employed with the aim of increasing the quality of production and services and the first deliveries of steel fibers to satisfied customers at home country and abroad were carried out.

The company patented its products and expended its range of products and services also to the manufacture of heavy duty machines for steel shots production.

The Company’s Quality Management System has been recognized and registered to the ISO 9001 standard in year 2009 by TSUS ,the accreditation body of Slovakia, being the first steel fiber manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

Today  Spajić d.o.o. Company is unique at the territory of Serbia for its products and services that meet the highest international standards.

We are especially proud of our high results that placed  Spajić d.o.o. Company among the leading in its branch in the world market. We continue to improve the quality of our products and services, and the quality and the trust between the suppliers and customers. We aspire to continuous development of technology and personnel as well as to preservation of the environment.

By working with Spajic our Clients are assured of the highest standards of professionalism, quality and efficiency of services as further based on our experience and capabilities.